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OIS offshore Industrie Service GmbH and Green Wind Offshore GmbH have joined forces to form the ARGE O&M Project DolWin3, now, contracted to provide maintenance services for GE Grid GmbH´s power-grid access, called: DolWin3.

The Nordex Group received the unit certificate according to VDE-AR-N 4120 (Technical requirements for the connection and operation of customer installations to the high voltage network (TCC High Voltage) for the N117/3000 turbine from FGH Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH in Mannheim.

The new business unit in Sweden was set up in September 2016, and Deutsche Windtechnik AB in Scandinavia has been growing steadily since then.

The Nordex Group installed substantially more wind turbines – 267 units – in its domestic market in 2016 than in the previous year (2015: 176).

Mobile App for Solar Rooftop Systems “ARUN- Atal Rooftop Solar User Navigator and Information Guide on Rooftop Systems was also launched on the occasion. 

Sauer Energy Inc.®, developer of the patented WindCharger® vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) and manufacturer of the patented WindRider® vertical axis wind turbine, announced, its first partnership with one of the largest alternative energy contractors in the south-west, Joe Moore, of WindSun Energy Systems (WSES), in Carlsbad, California, in business since 1980.

It is the endeavour of every renewable energy company to maximize energy generation as well as to reduce energy consumption

The design of a wind turbine gearbox is challenging due to the loading and environmental conditions in which the gearbox must operate.

Wind turbines face harsh environmental conditions that are even more challenging for offshore units. Proper selection of specialty lubricants that allow wind turbines to run with maximum availability by avoiding non-scheduled shutdowns is one of the key contributors to achieving fast return on investment. 

The fixed and variable operations and maintenance (O&M) costs are a significant part of the overall LCOE of wind power. O&M costs typically account for 20% to 25% of the total LCOE of current wind power systems  Actual O&M costs from commissioned projects are not widely available.


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PNK : VWDRY - 17 Feb, 3:59pm
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Open 24.63 Mktcap 15.81B
High 24.67 52wk Hight 28.70
Low 24.52 52wk Low 18.55
Vol 19347 Avg Vol 58682
Eps P/e 15.90
Currency: USD

China Ming Yang Wind Power Grou

NYQ : MY - 22 Jun, 3:01pm
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Open Mktcap
High 52wk Hight 2.45
Low 52wk Low 2.23
Vol 0 Avg Vol
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First Trust Global Wind Energy

PCX : FAN - 17 Feb, 8:00pm
-0.10 (-0.80%) After Hours:
Open 12.53 Mktcap
High 12.53 52wk Hight 13.76
Low 12.44 52wk Low 10.09
Vol 13368 Avg Vol 61586
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: SUZLON - 31 Dec,
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General Electric Company Common

NYQ : GE - 17 Feb, 4:00pm
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Open 30.41 Mktcap 267.10B
High 30.44 52wk Hight 33.00
Low 30.20 52wk Low 28.19
Vol 21.85M Avg Vol 30.35M
Eps 1.63 P/e 33.90
Currency: USD


PNK : GCTAF - 17 Feb, 1:17pm
-0.004 (-0.019%) After Hours:
Open 21.556 Mktcap 5.97B
High 21.556 52wk Hight 24.550
Low 21.556 52wk Low 17.500
Vol 266 Avg Vol 2413
Eps 1.100 P/e 22.501
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PNK : XJNGF - 16 Feb, 9:30am
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Open Mktcap 4.49B
High 52wk Hight 1.75
Low 52wk Low 1.10
Vol 0 Avg Vol 1540
Eps P/e 10.72
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PNK : NRDXF - 16 Feb, 3:33pm
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Open Mktcap 1.96B
High 52wk Hight 31.79
Low 52wk Low 18.67
Vol 0 Avg Vol 253
Eps P/e 25.38
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Atlantica Yield plc - Ordinary

NMS : ABY - 17 Feb, 4:00pm
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Open 21.33 Mktcap 2.14B
High 21.50 52wk Hight 22.18
Low 21.12 52wk Low 13.96
Vol 306030 Avg Vol 476390
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Brookfield Renewable Partners L

NYQ : BEP - 17 Feb, 4:02pm
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Open 29.49 Mktcap 8.72B
High 29.60 52wk Hight 31.85
Low 29.34 52wk Low 25.43
Vol 30035 Avg Vol 43237
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Pattern Energy Group Inc.

NMS : PEGI - 17 Feb, 4:00pm
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: RNW - 31 Dec,
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Wind and solar energy are two major components of renewable energy for a sustainable energy future of India. Increasing energy demand, non-availability of conventional energy resources and  amount  of emission of pollutants from commercial energy generation are major critical issues in considering wind and solar as alternative energy sources. The wind flow produces aerodynamic forces on the turbine blades to rotate and the rotation of the turbine’s shaft is transferred through a gearbox to an electrical power generator, which produces the power into the electrical grid system. Since the wind flow is a natural phenomenon, the power derived from the wind sources shows high variability and intermittency.