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By March 2017, we will have considerable capacity commissioned with 113 RD and 120 HH


Below are the excerpts of our recent interview with Mr. Narendra Somoshi, Vice President, Head - O&M-Inox Wind Limited

What have been some of the recent developments at your organisation?

Having successfully launched 113 rotor diameters wind turbine generators last year, we are now implementing 120  meterhub height. By March 2017, we will have considerable capacity commissioned with 113 RD and 120 HH. Recently, we started working on in-house development of com- plete Electronics control system which until now we are buying from our technology partner. We have also taken up develop- ment of 3 MW WTG and planning to launch next year. These are the major develop- ments which we are doing as of now.

Tell us a bit about the recent technologi- cal advancements in your sector.

All the new turbines are equipped with LVRT system. Our LVRT system has been approved by DEWI as per Indian grid code. The system is very robust having adequate capacity to feed the required RKVAH at substation to improve the grid voltage. In addition, software changes has been made so that LVRT system can be fixed later on also in any kind of turbine

How can we improve the availability, reliability and efficiency of wind farm assets?

We are working with utmost seriousness  on reliability with the real time monitor- ing. We will be having Inox Performance Monitoring and Control Centre (IPMCC) and with respect to that each and every component i.e. gear box, generator, tower, and all major components checks are being done. O&M Performance matrix has been prepared to identify gaps and bridge with timely actions. We have to accordingly take actions depending upon the audits. Same way we are building the reliability.

What are your growth plans for the Indian wind market?

We are as of now a 2000 megawatt company. We plan to aggressively build  on  this  and  continue  to  retain  our  position amongst the top.

Any message  for  the  wind  industry?

We should move towards yield optimization and not only focus on the megawatts you have produced so far. Each and Every WTG has to be best performing asset. Also, grid infrastructure needs improvement.