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DHHI is working on a Gearbox for 4MW off-shore platform


Below are the excerpts of our recent interview with Mr. Tan Yong, Director, DHHI India & Mr. P.Sathananthan, Manager - Service, Dhhi

Let’s start with your company’s presence in India.

Our company, DHHI India (Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry India Co. Pvt. Ltd) belongs to DHHI China Group Company. We entered the wind business in India in 2010. We have 3 major wind players in India- Inox Wind, Kenersys and the Pioneer Wincon. So far there are more than 1300 numbers of DHHI WTG gearboxes are operating in India. We also do other business for industrial gear boxes on various applications.

We have our sales and service team office in Delhi. Our Chinese team also used to visit here frequently and we used to meet our various clients.

What have been the latest technology trends in gearbox market globally and in India?

Our R&D centre is in Germany and we have the same in our China office. With these two, we can create new developments like new technologies and innovation in Gear boxes. We have the capacity and the ability to do more quality product which will bring more business for us in India. We also have a very experienced service team in India to support the service business.

We are mainly focusing on the Indian wind market. Big clients are there with biggest rotor diameter and in low wind sites. This will give more generation than existing model for the power generation. So right now we are focusing on gearboxes for bigger rotor diameter.

Globally, many companies  are  focusing  on off-shore project, right now, DHHI is working on a Gearbox for 4MW off-shore platform.

What have been some of the recent developments at your organisation?

We are currently focusing on the service market in the wind business. There are many small capacity turbines in India and we have produced 2 small capacity gear boxes of 250 kw because there is a large requirement for such gear boxes in India. We are also focussing for carry out service of gearboxes like repair, Endoscope inspection and routine inspection etc.

We are planning to set up our service facility in India for Gearbox repair and testing. We are also planning to set up our factory in Madhya Pradesh in the year 2018. This will helpful for our service portfolio for DHHI group.

Anything else you would like to add?

We supply quality products at reasonable price when compared to the competitors. We will expand our DHHI group by setting up factory in India after addition of 2 to 3 more customers. Currently our target is to set up service set up for Wind market.