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We are continuously upgrading our technology, bringing out new and innovative products that help our customers


Below are the excerpts of our recent interview with Mr. Sudhir Gadh, Country Manager, AMSC

Let’s begin with the glimpse of your company’s presence and offering in India

We have three broad product offerings in India. We license the Technology for manufacture of megawatt scale Wind Turbines and we have licensed our 2 MW Wind Turbine technology to Inox Wind in India. In close partnership with us, Inox have become the fasting growing company in Wind Industry in India. Besides the 2 MW technology licensed to Inox Wind, we have a vast range of other Technologies for Wind Turbine manufacture ranging from 1.5MW and going upto 5MW and very soon, we will be introducing some of our other tur- bine technologies and sizes in the Indian market.The second area in which we have product offerings in India, is Statocom/SVC for the providing Reactive power compen- sation& for meeting the LVRT compliance as per Indian Grid code for Wind farms and Solar farms. The third product that we are offering in India is Superconductor wire and cable, which are used for transmission of power and for other special applications.

What have been some of the recent development at AMSC for Wind Technology?

As a technology company, we are continuously upgrading our technology, bringing out new and innovative products that help our customers. To give you a perspective, on the Wind Turbine Technology, we are continuosly developing newer technologies and bigger Turbines and for the existing turbine designs, we continue to work on improved performance through increased Rotar diameter, higher Tower height, improved Software functionalities, special add-on features in turbines for enhanced wind farm efficiencies etc. It is these ongoing improvements in technology that make our turbines amongst the most cost effective and efficient in the market and that is one of the reason, why our licensee in India continues to be so successful.

Beyond just the technology development, our technical team keeps on working with our Licensee to develop high quality local supply chain, innovate product features aligned with the climatic conditions of the respective region and that helps ensure that our turbines are cost effective and also perform efficiently in the local conditions.

Can you tell us a bit about some recent technology advancements that you are offering in India?

As India is transitioning to the proposed new   Grid   code   amendments  regarding LVRT/ HVRT compliance, whereby Wind Turbines are required to be LVRT com- pliant, we have modified our standard solution and created a special solution  that is perfectly tailored to help the India Wind & Solar companies to fully meet the new requirements of the India Grid code.  In coming time, this will help the Wind industry to ensure that not only the new turbines, but also the existing old Wind turbines meet the standards of the India Grid code. Similarly our solution will help the Solar farms also. This in turn this will help with the Grid stability in the country.

What are your growth plans for the Indian market? What are the milestones you wish to achieve by the end of this fiscal?

We are looking at a continued aggressive all round growth of our business in India. Our 2 MW turbine business in India will continue on an accelerated growth path. In coming months, we will  be  introducing some new Wind Turbine technologies in the India market & these will be path breaking for the Indian Wind sector. We see a major thrust in our business for Reactive power compensation &for LVRT/ HVRT compliance & this should be another strong growth engine for our business in India. The key players in Transmission sector are now on the verge of evaluating the adoption of Superconductor  technology  & we see that as a growth business in the medium term.

India is a very strategic & important market for AMSC and the company has dedicated relevant resources to support and grow this market. Besides our business develop- ment efforts, we have a full fledged service centre in India to support our products. India has been one of the highest growing market for AMSC in recent years and we believe that India will remain one of the most strategic markets for our company for many more years to come.

Anything else you would like to share to our readers?

The Indian wind industry is growing, but I strongly feel that the growth of this industry can be much faster if the government ensures that the centre & statewise policy frame work, tarriff’s etc are made more consistent, predictable and long term. This Policy stability can help the renewable energy industy to achieve an accelerated growth.