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FOWIND Industry Conclave

Industry Insights

8 March 2018, New Delhi, India

Feasibility Reports for Offshore Wind Farm Development in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu Launched Jointly by the Mr. BP Yadav, Joint Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (India), Ms. Tania Friederichs, Counsellor, Head of Research & Innovation Sector at Delegation of the European Union to India and Mr. Steve Sawyer (on behalf of the FOWIND Consortium)

About the event

The industry conclave provided a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to be presented with a detailed summary of FOWIND’s excellent work on promoting the offshore wind sector in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. This seminar will provide all participants an opportunity to interact meaningfully with world class experts who have worked on the project. It gives FOWIND an opportunity to once again highlight the merits of offshore wind as an important clean energy technology that can help India achieve its long-term low carbon development goals effectively. FOWIND has provided the necessary building blocks for developing a long-term action plan for the offshore wind sector in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. These discussions and deliberations between the leaders from government, industry and the R&D sector will provide an important opportunity for key stakeholders to develop a better understanding of the path forward for offshore wind in India. 

Agenda can be downloaded here


FOWIND’s successful journey (2014-2018) by Shruti Shukla, Director- Policy and Projects, Global Wind Energy Council

FOWIND’s Infrastructure and Ports Assessment for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu by Chris Garett, Senior Engineer, DNV GL Energy, UK

FOWIND’s Offshore Wind Grid Integration Assessment for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu by Ruben Menezes, Senior Engineer, ‎DNV GL Energy, UK

FOWIND’s Feasibility Assessments for Zones A in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu by Jack Giles, Senior Engineer, DNV GL Energy, UK

Recommendations from the Offshore Wind Outlook for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu by Rohit Gadre, Consultant, DNV GL – Energy

India’s first offshore wind assessment plans (WRA and geo-physical survey in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu): A Case Study by Dr. Rajesh Katyal, Deputy Director General & Group Head – WRA & Offshore -National Institute of Wind Energy (India)

Learning from the geophysical assessments in the Gulf of Khambhat by Gabriel Zeitouni, Project Manager – Wind Energy, COWI

Download the Feasibility Reports and other FOWIND publications here.

See the Press Release (8th March 2018) here.


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