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Next-gen mission control center & IoT enabled advanced analytics at EDF Renewable Energy

Industry Insights

EDF RE integrates incredible volumes of data for near real-time analytics enabling faster insights and smarter decisions.

 EDF RE is one of the world’s first companies to leverage the cutting edge OSIsoft & SAP HANA IoT Connector technology in order to deliver an inventive platform enabling near real time asset performance analysis. EDF RE now combines operational data from their assets with their business data as well as geographical data to deliver insights and make decisions better and faster.


The need to access and analyze large amounts of data quickly, with high accuracy, increases across a globalized and digitalized world. EDF Renewable Energy (EDF RE) was in tune to those needs and recognized that a truly innovative approach was required to stay ahead. EDF RE was experiencing information liabilities because of disparate systems, and overlapping users and data. They wanted to consolidate their siloed data operations into a single enterprise data warehouse platform with a single source of truth. EDF RE wanted to ensure that its reporting would be available near real time so that they could quickly make business decisions at the right time.

''In EDF RE’s world, there is a constant need to perform asset data analysis along with geolocation mapping and SAP ERP transactional data.''

Building an enterprise platform

EDF RE and KPIT partnered to create a unified data platform, enterprise-wide data sharing, improved governance, consistent data delivery, and a single version of truth. The Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Platform initiative included an initial integration of SAP ECC, ESRI ArcGIS and OSIsoft PI system Operational Data, and integration of SCADA, Maintenance data, pipeline DB, etc. at a later stage.

As part of this engagement, KPIT, SAP and OSIsoft collaborated to deliver a system that included the first deployment of the SAP HANA IoT Connector from OSIsoft. This solution enables HANA to pull data about asset health and performance in near real-time from the OSIsoft PI system. This data is integrated with operational data from their SAP ERP system to deliver new insights into our client’s operations. 

This effort was taken on in three phases:

''The powerful analytics capabilities of SAP HANA with operational data in its OSIsoft PI System makes these business needs possible.''

The right data for the right insights



As a result of this engagement, EDF RE will be able to use deeper and faster insights into their operational and business performance, increasing transparency, forseeing problems and reducing risk. EDF RE now enjoys a consolidated environment that provides consistent data in a single source of truth and improved data sharing, security and governance. 

The new data warehouse on SAP HANA delivers incredible insight that is high availability, high performance and highly accessible. The users are empowered through consistent data that is available through a highly efficient self-service system.

  • Reduction in multiple steps of data processing logic simultaneously reduced complexity and improved system administration
  • EDF RE now has integrated data models using data from various data sources which are now optimized for front-end dashboard and analytical consumption through enterprise data platform on SAP HANA.
  • Nightly data loads for the procurement data model used to take an average of 1:12 hours and have been totally eliminated because real time data is available in HANA through SLT

''These improvements can now be offered to EDF RE’s partners who will use this data platform, offering them the same benefits that EDF RE receives from this integrated data.''

Example use case

Once the disparate data streams were integrated, EDF RE can be alerted when a wind turbine isn’t performaing as well as it should be under the current wind conditions. With this alert, the analysts can view the location and site information of the turbine, view the maintenance and work order history of the turbine, and take action to remedy the situation. They can calculate the financial impact of the under performing turbine and react quickly to reduce the risk and improve the overall performance of the asset.

KPIT & EDF RE Partnership

EDF RE partnered with KPIT because KPIT was one of the earliest adopters and a well-recognized market leader of HANA-based technologies with a deep domain experience, knowledge of the Utilities industry and business needs.

KPIT and EDF RE have a strong relationship built upon a history of impeccable delivery, a client centric approach and an excellent understanding of EDF RE’s needs, expectations and culture.

'Asset intensive companies can greatly benfit from converging information technology and operational technology to get a more holistic view of their business.' 

Source: KPIT Technologies, LTD