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VSB and Mercedes-Benz Enter Into Long-Term Supply Contract for Wind-Generated Electricity

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Project developer VSB helps Project developer VSB helpsMercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland pave the way towards carbon-neutralmanufacturing with a strategic investment: For the first time, the automakerwill power an engine plant using electricity from renewable energy sourcesonly.

Bringing together the industrial sector and the wind energy sector, thelong-term power purchase agreement is the first of its kind in Poland.The agreement allows VSB to expand its operations and assume a pioneering rolein the Polish energy market. 

The new Mercedes-Benz manufacturing site in the Polish town of Jawor will notonly raise the bar with state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and Industry4.0 technologies, but set new power supply standards as well. As of 2019,Taczalin wind farm, which is located around 10 km from the plant, will supplygreen energy for the entire high-tech facility.

The 22 wind turbines were commissioned in late 2013 and have a combinedinstalled capacity of 45.1 MW. VSB Group developed the wind farm and operatesit as well. “In choosing locally-generated electricity from renewablesources, Mercedes-Benz has assumed the role of an international pioneer in theautomotive industry. We appreciate this opportunity to assist Mercedes-Benz ontheir path to carbon-neutral manufacturing,” says VSB Managing DirectorMarko Lieske.

The manufacturing site will produce four-cylinder engines for Mercedes-Benzcars. The automaker is able to choose wind-generated electricity to power itsplant thanks to Poland’s renewable energy scheme. The scheme permitssuppliers to offer their electricity on the market or sell it as part of aPPA. PPAs are becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool for suppliers ofwind-generated power in Europe and around the world. Suppliers enter intothese agreements with major power consumers to coordinate a long-term purchaseof electricity at a contractually agreed fixed rate. That way, consumers areable to protect themselves against rising electricity rates, while suppliersof green energy can rely on stable revenue that facilitates more reliablebudgeting. “Our job as project developer far exceeds putting a wind turbinein a field. We develop business models that make energy from renewable sourcesattractive for high-volume consumers and customers from the industrial sector.Our collaboration with Mercedes-Benz is a milestone for both the wind energysector and the automotive sector,” explains Marko Lieske.

Michael Graf from Daimler International Procurement Services, Procurement ofEnergy and Fuels, is pleased with the agreement as well: “Our partnershipwith VSB offers multiple advantages, both economically and ecologically.Daimler also recognises the added value that the wind farm’s proximity tothe Jawor engine plant represents.”