Wind-Solar Hybrid Projects: Design, Engineering, Construction

Wind Solar hybrid projects are gaining immense popularity with several domestic and overseas players planning to enter this space. This training program will discuss in detail the execution of wind solar hybrid project, various technical aspects ranging from techno-economic evaluation to project designing and its execution. The masterclass will also discuss the crucial aspects involved in grid integration as well as the challenges faced after the project is commissioned.

Combining wind turbines and photovoltaic systems results in up to twice the amount of electricity being generated across the same surface area, while shading losses caused by wind turbines amount to a mere 1 to 2% – much less than previously thought. As an additional benefit, the construction of hybrid power plants does not require grid expansion because the plants generate wind and solar power at different times of day and during complementary seasons, ensuring the level of energy fed into the grid is steadier than that of wind or photovoltaic power plants alone. Until now, it was thought that the shadows cast on solar plants by wind turbines led to high yield losses. The study shows, however, that these shading losses are much lower than expected, provided the hybrid power plant is well designed. Initial requests to create yield reports as well as technical and economic system planning have given us cause to hope that the more efficient utilization of space and infrastructure created by hybrid power plants has excellent prospects for the future.

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10.00 - 11.30

Project Designing & Engineering: Greenfield Projects

Preparing an Effective Site Plan and Site Resource Map For A Greenfield Project

Site Design & Evaluation - Understanding Various Softwares To Be Used

Technical Designing and Engineering Standards To Be Followed

Electrical Systems Design & Grid Integration

Structural Design Challenges

Understanding Greenfield Potential Across Various States In India

Understanding Government Approvals, Regulations and Policies For Hybrid Projects

11.30 - 11.45

Tea Break

11.45 - 13.00

Project Designing & Engineering: Brownfield Projects

Understanding Different Types Of Brownfield Projects

Preparing an Effective Site Plan and Site Resource Map For A Brownfield Project

Site Design & Evaluation - Key Issues In Brownfield Site Economics

Technical Designing and Engineering Standards To Be Followed

Electrical Systems Design & Grid Integration - Key Issues & Challenges Faced

Structural Design Challenges For Brownfield Projects

Understanding Government Approvals Required

13.00 - 13.45

Lunch Break

13.45  - 15.30


Techno-Economic Evaluation & EPC Project Management

Understanding Economic Fundamentals of Wind-Solar Hybrid Projects - Greenfield and Brownfield

Cost Economics and RoI Of Hybrid Projects

Key Fundamentals While Procuring Right Technology - Modules, Inverters, Turbines Etc.

Key Supply chain and Project Management Issues

Developing Technical and Human Resource For Wind Solar Hybrid Projects

Key EPC Issues & Challenges Faced

15.30 – 17.45 

Tea Break


Grid Integration & Post Commissioning Challenges

Key Issues Regarding O&M Of Hybrid Projects

Spares & Inventory Management

How to Manage Integration Of Wind Solar Hybrid Projects?

Maximising & Managing Power Generation Curves For Hybrid Systems

Understanding Various Rules and Regulations Regarding Power Sale & Tariff Rates