GST-Impact On Solar Industry

As of now, the renewable energy industries have been enjoying various exemptions and relaxations, however the GST regime to be successful needs keep the exemption list at bare minimum, as the whole system depends on the free flow of credits, any disruption in the chain shall fail the system itself.

Thus, focusing on its impact on Solar Industry, in the present regime, the import of Solar panels, PV modules are exempt from custom levies and batteries & power conduit modules are taxed at concessional basic customs rate of 5%, however under the GST regime in addition to the basic customs duty IGST of 5% shall be imposed on such imports.

This GST seminar addresses practical issues arising from the GST implementation, real problems facing businesses, and how to manage these issues. With the right guidance and understanding of GST, your organisation can accurately apply the 24 GST tax codes and file GST Tax Submission forms easily and effortlessly. With real life case studies to give you real world issues, this is a must attend event for all solar companies

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