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Safety at heights with SKYLOTEC

Product Feature

The German manufacturer is a one-stop provider of fall protection equipment for wind energy

SKYLOTEC GmbH was founded in 1947 in Neuwied, Germany and is one of the leading manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment against falls from a height and of safety systems for the areas of sports and industry. CEO Kai Rinklake is leading the company since 2000. He studied law and industrial engineering. Already during his studies he started to develope a rescue device.This device with centrifugally controlled brakes establisehd itself as a standard piece of rescue equipment since many years.

SKYLOTEC develops and manufactures its products in Germany. One of the main areas of focus is wind energy. Together with its Licensed Distributor, Jayco Safety Products Pvt. Ltd from India, SKYLOTEC will be presenting its wide-ranging portfolio at the Windergy International Conference and Exhibition in New Delhi from 25 to 27 April 2017.

SKYLOTEC provides comprehensive fall protection solutions for the wind energy sector – from harnesses to lanyards and abseil and rescue devices. The product range includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), offering a perfect fit and straightforward to use. Such as the “Ignite Proton Wind”. This harness, which is certified according to ANSI Z359.11:2014, EN 361 and EN 358, is suitable for user weights of up to 140 kg. An energy absorbing lanyard is also essential. This shockabsorbinglanyard between the harness and the anchor point deploys in the event of a fall, reducing the force of impact. This guarantees protection against serious injury for the person who is falling. With the “Skysafe Pro”, SKYLOTEC has developed a special solution. Its key feature: the restraining fastener covers a broad weight range from 50 to 140 kg. This reduces the risk of a user taking an energy absorbing lanyard that is not suitable for his weight. After all, standard solutions are either designed for weights of up to or over 100 kg.

SKYLOTEC offers a broad range of abseil and rescue devices. In wind energy, the “Milan” has established itself as a standard device for rescuing injured people or for the rapid evacuation of several people. Centrifugally controlled brakes prevent free fall and allow safe, hands-free abseiling at a constant speed. The abseil distance can be up to 500 m. The “Milan” can be stored in a sealed box on site so that it is close at hand in an emergency.

Thanks to its Vertical Rescue College (VRC), SKYLOTEC offers a wide range of training programmes worldwide with experienced instructors. These training courses fulfil all the requirements of the GWO, IRATA and FISAT standards.