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- Showcases its latest solar roof tiling solution at Renewable Energy Roofing Display Center in Sydney

The clean energy giant, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (00566.hk), today announced that it's all set for the global launch of Thin Film Flat SOLARtile, its cutting-edge solar roof tiling solution developed in collaboration with CSR Group, the largest roof tiles producer and roofing solution provider in southern hemisphere. The duo, Hanergy and CSR Group have also co-constructed the Renewable Energy Roofing Display Center that was built last month at Monier Roofing Headquarter located in Rosehill, Sydney.

Ahead of the global launch later this year, Hanergy marks the debut of its brand new Thin Film Flat SOLARtile at Renewable Energy Roofing Display Center, welcoming the visitors and international companies across the globe to give them a first-hand view of this innovative solar roof tiling solution. The two companies will also sign an agreement to officially commence the presales of Thin Film Flat SOLARtile in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Japan and Unite States markets.

Model House Applied with Thin Film FLAT SOARtile

The Thin Film Flat SOLARtile is specially designed to meet overseas market needs. Unlike the curve shape of HanTile, Thin Film Flat SOLARtile is flat and has a square shape, which enables the house to meet local housing standards and harmonize better with the neighborhood. It adopts CROSS BOND structure, where the tile-to-tile interlock is put right in the middle of next row’s tile to ensure best waterproof performance. Junction boxes are covered by 2mm steel and safe trays are used to protect cables. The design of roofing system is inspired by Gympie Pyramid to feature a traditional Pacific vibe and improve the aesthetics of the housing.

Mr. Lv Yuan, Vice President of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group said, “We’re particularly excited about the launch of Thin Film Flat SOLARtile in the global market. We’re confident that our latest solar roof tiling solution will set a new standard in the global solar market. Further, we’re thrilled to join forces with CSR group and hope to create yet another case study pronouncing the huge success of our soon to be launched solar roof tiling solution.”

With CIGS thin-film solar chips incorporated inside it, Thin Film Flat SOLARtile can achieve conversion efficiency, as high as 18.7% which is the world’s record. The product has received an outstanding rating for having been exceptionally wind, water proof and fire resistant. It can work under extreme conditions from -40 degrees to 80 degree Celsius. Along with thin-film technology’s characteristics of being light, thin and flexible, as well as being able to work under low light conditions, it has great adaptability and can be applied in varied scenarios.

Seizing over 70% market share in Australasia and the largest roof tiles producer and roofing solution provider in southern hemisphere, CSR Group is a major Australian industrial company producing building products for residential and commercial construction. It also owns the biggest glass manufacturer in Australia and a curtain wall solution company.

Earlier in December 2018, Hanergy had signed a co-operation agreement with CSR Group to co-develop Thin Film Flat SOLARtile. With CSR’s dominant market share in Australia market and rich experience in roofing industry, and Hanergy’s cutting-edge thin-film solar power technologies, the collaboration has borne great fruits.

The clean energy giant, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (00566.hk), which is known to have upped the ante in global thin film power industry has gained yet another victory.

Recently on March 25, in Germany’s prestigious Red Dot Award Design Competition, the HanPower Plus in, the company’s portable solar power charger was recognized by the design industry’s most stringent jury and won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category. With its state-of-the-art design and exceptional performance, HanPower Plus in has set a new standard for consumer products in solar industry coupled with leading-edge industrial design.

Among the most prestigious design awards in the world for 60 years and running, this year’s Red Dot Award has individually tested more than 5,500 products from designers and manufacturers across 55 countries that had been entered into the competition. The award’s international jury comprises experienced experts from different disciplines and has been convening since the award’s inception in 1965 in order to select the year's best designs.

During an adjudication process that spans several days, the jury tries out the products, discusses them and ultimately reaches a well-founded decision regarding the design quality of the entries. True to the motto "In search of good design and innovation", their assessment focuses on criteria such as the level of innovation, functionality, formal quality, longevity and ergonomics.

Hanergy’s HanPower Plus in, is regarded as an innovative product that combines charging and solar power generation functions judiciously. The foldable design of HanPower Plus in makes it appear more appealing and sophisticated in design, setting it apart from flurry of products in its category. As the split design of the portable solar power charger is more flexible, its power generation module and the energy storage module are easily detachable, and the magnetic suction interface is connected firmly, easing the split of the two modules.

A perfect blend of utility and design, HanPower Plus in comes equipped with surface imitation metal spray paint and imitation leather material that further enriches the product’s details, rounding up the excellent quality of products.

Rightful worthy of the global accolade, HanPower Plus in is incorporated with PowerFlexCIGS flexible thin film chip realizes up to 18.7% of conversion efficiency making it a power house of uninterrupted charge on-the-go. It takes barely 9 minutes to charge 10% power of iPhone X.

Commenting on the milestone achievement, Xie Tao, CEO of Hanergy’s Global Application Product R&D Center said, “Winning the Red Dot Award continues the record of international recognition for design excellence of our products in the recent past. Our designers work hard to study how to seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge thin-film technologies into people’s daily life. We’re thrilled with the good news which is a token of our dedicated efforts of emphasizing aesthetics and design of our products as much as product functions.”

Earlier this month, Hanergy’s 4 cutting-edge products won prestigious 2019 iF Design Awards, also known as the “Oscar Awards in designing”. The company’s 4 prize winners include one Gold Award: Single-Glass Triple-Arch HanTile, and another three Design Awards: Single-Glass Spool HanTile, Fold Backpack for Business Travel, and SolarTank Thin-film Solar Power Backpack. HanTile is Hanergy’s rooftop solar solution while the solar backpack is Hanergy’s creation of integrating solar power generation with backpacks.

Hanergy’s solar cells set the world record for conversion efficiency several times, with the newest one being 29.1%. It launched and upgraded handful of consumer products in 2018, including Humbrella, solar-powered umbrella; SolarTank, solar backpack; HanPower, solar power bank, retaining its leading position in mobile energy sector. Subsequently, with the debut of HanTile in April 2018 and HanWall in September 2018, Hanergy raised the bar in global building-integrated PV segment.

Masdar, Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, signed a share purchase agreement (SPA) with Akuo Energy, the leading French IPP in renewable energy, to enter into the Krnovo Wind Farm, Montenegro’s first wind energy project.

- The award will be conferred to Harry Atwater, Hanergy's US subsidiary Alta Devices’ co-founder at the 46th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference

The world's largest thin-film solar power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (00566.hk), today announced that its US subsidiary Alta Devices’ co-founder and Hanergy Group Scientist, Prof. Harry Atwater, has been honored with IEEE 2019 William R. Cherry Award, one of the most distinguished awards in the solar photovoltaic energy industry. Prof. Atwater will receive the illustrious award at the 46th IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Photovoltaic Specialists Conference to be held in Chicago, USA from June 16-21, 2019.

The William R. Cherry award, which is named in honor of William R. Cherry, a founder of the photovoltaic community, recognizes the individual engineers or scientists who have made significant contributions to the science and/or technology of PV energy conversion, with dissemination of substantial and important publications and presentations. Prof. Harry Atwater has been honored the award in recognition of his many and outstanding contributions to photovoltaic science and technology over more than 35 years.

Over the past three decades, Harry Atwater’s research topics have shown his passion for PV from his first paper forming silicon absorbers via zone-melt crystallization (1982) to his most recent on optics for spectral-splitting to achieve ultrahigh efficient modules. His contributions to both the science and technology of photovoltaics, as disseminated through PVSC and EDS, and his creativity are widely recognized and seemingly unbounded, evident in more than 450 publications. Equally remarkable, he co-founded six companies including ETC Solar (commercializing effectively transparent contacts), Luminescent Energy, and Alta Devices.

Mr. Zhang Bin, Senior Vice President of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group said, “We'd like to congratulate Prof Atwater on this distinguished honor and his outstanding accomplishments in the field of solar PV. As one of the most well-informed experts with foresight into the solar technology, Prof. Atwater’s invaluable contributions have been instrumental in achieving several breakthroughs in our core technology. He is Undoubtedly a worthy recipient of the Award and we are grateful for his commitment to Hanergy’s technological innovations. We will continue to stay at the forefront of technological breakthroughs and go all-out developing additional cutting-edge technologies.”

Prof Atwater’s honoring with this most respected award in the field of PV, is a resilient evidence of the global technology leadership of Hanergy’s Alta Devices in the field of photovoltaics. Atwater is also an early pioneer in Nanophotonics and Plasmonics. Under Atwater’s leadership Alta Devices has grown exponentially and holds the current world record for one-Sun single-junction solar cell efficiency and module efficiency.

Professor Atwater received his B. S., M. S. and Ph.D. degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology respectively in 1981, 1983 and 1987. He held the IBM Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard University from 1987-1988 and has been a member of the Caltech faculty since 1988.

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